The River

So many people I see are dying in agony in their minds
they all talk of drowning in rivers of pain
But there is no river that I see
Instead I stand on solid ground, and not let these waters of complications reach me
Instead the tides gently wash the sand at my feet
These currents that pull you down, that make you drown
They only exist in the prison in your mind
Lay yourself down, escape from your cage
And you’ll be surprised by what you might find
When the water is up to your neck, let it all go and take a breath
Put your head under and let the currents take you
Stop trying to force everything, let the river bring you to shore
Where you’ll end up will be exactly where you need to be

1 note

I’m a hermit in a tiny little room, in a tiny little house, on a tiny little world.

My door is shut and there is no light coming in.

But I like it this way in my tiny little room, in my tiny little head, like a turtle in it’s shell. 

I’m hiding away, like the sky with the moon when the daylight’s out and bright.

I’m more like a prisoner, trapped in a tiny cell, no contact with the outside world.

Sentenced here for who knows how long, waiting for an end.

But sometimes I can’t help but think, am I the judge or the prisoner?

Have I been sentenced here or did I send myself into the tiny little cell in my tiny little mind in this tiny little room in my tiny little house in a tiny little world.

Even when I’m locked away, there’s no escaping it.

2 notes

I barely ever write anymore.

The words have stopped coming.

I’ve fallen down a hole in my mind.

Twisting and tangling my conscious and judgement.

I live in a haze and a fog.

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, mind nowhere to be seen.

I think it’d be lovely to find a way out.

I wish I could know what I mean.